Home maintenance tips for your property in Istria

24.6.2022. 8:10:44

Home maintenance tips for your property in Istria
Istria has it all: beautiful landscape, Mediterranean climate, crystal clear water, and rich history. Over the past years, Croatian coast has become a popular holiday destination, so the high demand for buying a Croatian vacation home comes as no surprise.
The benefits of owning a home in idyllic Istria are many -  it's yours to enjoy whenever, it's a good investment, and it can be a source of passive income. If you are among the lucky ones and already own your holiday home in Istria county, you probably know it's not easy to maintain from afar
Read the tips below for easier management and maintenance of your holiday home.

Choose a functional, low-maintenance design 

It's easy to get carried away when decorating your dream home, but functionality should be the key. Choose a timeless interior design over the short-lived trends to avoid your home feeling outdated. As for the exterior, it's always best to plan according to the climate.

In Istria, choose drought tolerant plants like rosemary or lavander that won't require daily care. To always have a beautiful garden to return to, you can hire a local gardening service. The gardening team at Art East will carefully tend to your garden, mow the lawn, trim hedges and maintain your pool
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Invest in home security features 

If you're not visiting your vacation property in Istria frequently, it can become a target for burglars. We highly recommend installing security alarms and cameras that will help keep your property safe. To have a complete peace of mind, local property management companies like Art East offer regular visits to your house while documenting everything for you to see.
For the clients, Art East handles emergency visits like checking the property for damage after the storm or unexpected events.

Find a reliable property manager   

For most owners, taking care of their property abroad is complicated. Some are lucky to have family in Istria to rely on for regular maintanance, but many struggle to find a reliable person. To keep a house running smoothly, you need a go-to person for appliance repairs, airing the house to avoid mold build-up, maintaining the garden and more. 

The goal of Art East property management is to be that trust worthy team for each of our clients. That includes everything from cleaning and maintaining the garden to paying the bills and handling home repairs
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Rent or lease you Istrian home when not in use 

Owning a holiday home in a major tourist destination like Istria is a great investment opportunity. If you're not enjoying your vacation home troughout the year, consider renting it to tenants, tourists or digital nomads while it's vacant. That way, not only will your house be regularly maintained, but you'll also receive the extra income. 
When choosing the right property manager, you can make the most of your vacation property in Istria. Art East team guides its clients through the whole proccess of obtaining necessary licence, getting the house ready to welcome guests, arranging transports, handling payments etc.  
Coming to your second home in a place like Croatia should be relaxing, but if you're the one maintaining it, chances are you'll be working on your vacation.
Art East property management is a small Istrian business, it specializes in maintaining and managing your home away from home. It offers proffesional full-service property and vacation rental management

To find out more about Art East property management and how they can help you manage your property, head to eIstra.info or send an inquiry

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